Bassett Unified Science Fair Month Continues at Torch Middle School

Seventh-grader Jaylissa Murga closed her eyes and concentrated, reciting her

methods and findings for her science fair project “Running with Speed” to her friends and

classmates, as students at Torch Middle School prepared to present their projects to the judges.


“Music can make us sad or happy, and we listen to music when we exercise because it can also get us pumped up during a run or workout, so I was curious about the science behind why music has that effect on people,” Murga said. “I discovered that running to a song that has more beats per minute does result in a 15 percent improvement in performance.”


Murga was awarded second place. Taking first place for the seventh-grade was Genesis Renderos, while Lien Nguyen took third (see below for list of winners).


There will be 10 students representing Torch Middle School at the District Science Fair from 5 to

7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21 at Torch Middle School’s Watanabe Center.



Torch Middle School Science Fair Winners



First: Alexis Kamatoy

Second: Daniel Serna

Third: Keryleytza Ruiz



First: Genesis Renderos

Second: Jaylissa Murga

Third: Lien Nguyen



First: Emmanuel Gonzalez

Second: Andra Kamatoy and Melany Amparan

Third: Cassandra Sam